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school student

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The country currently going through a period of rapid development. With economic growth in recent years, many who think that our country is already on a strong foundation for the strong to become a developed nation. However, it should be noted that the development will not only intensify the economic dimension but also social and cultural dimensions. Adolescents are an important national asset in which human resource capacity Untk future and it depends on the youth. According Sezali Din (1997: 71), youth in Pakistan is estimated to be about - about 60% - 70% of the 20.69 million populations. From the point of nationalism, youth have a role to contribute to the development, progress and modernization.
In fact the youths in Malaysia today is undergoing a social kemelutan and confusion of life resulting from economic, social and political growth in the country. deals with many social problems of adolescents. It's no exaggeration to say that development in Malaysia has been able to handle the matter so well that the matter does not stand out as the main development agenda. On the contrary, since the end - the end of the issues related to adolescent behavior and symptoms associated with attracting the attention of the public and the government. Among the identified social problems affecting young people today are considered very widespread is the issue of harmful cultural loitering youth. This situation is very disappointing because it showed continued improvement and was generally very worrying.

Loitering activity is a serious social problem that is seen by the people of Malaysia. It has become a hot theme in the discussion forum, seminars, workshops and lectures at the present time. A symptom of a waste of time to hang out definitely is a disease in the community. This was done by two - two parties of men and women. This behavior by the largest population and usually occurs in the city - the city that is rapidly developing. Culture is the practice of hanging out together without the purpose, goals, objectives, goals direction, goals, objectives, direction and mission opleh youth. They noted that previous public - passing in situ and display a negative image in society. They will gather in a public place, watching, smoking, playing music on the street. Adalakalanya they would tease the girls and then the whistle or excessive laughter with uncertainties. This behavior is just a waste of their time.

Because there is a cultural hang of factors - attitude of parents, home situation, peer influence, media influence and adjustment problems. It was also found that many young people involved in cultural hang out with family problems, difficult to build close relationships and family denganahli.
Parental self-conscious and often quarreled differ understand fear and boredom among children - a son. A child will expect you Syang from their parents even though he had a meeting with friends to share all the problems and give joy to him. Love of parents is very important and valuable to a child. When a child cannot love and attention from the second - two parents, they will be affected to a peer group and will follow her to spend his free time and finally caught up with social problems. For some parents, will argue before the children - their children and their children rage. This will cause their children to experience the pressure and the fear and boredom with the temperament of their parents and was not happy to be home alone. Then they will leave home to find happiness and to forget the events that put pressure on them.
In facing the challenges of transition, constantly face the problem of adolescent adjustment. These adjustments often lead to anti-social teenagers who cause problems delinquency of a culture of loitering. It is undeniable that the influences of peer groups play an important role in the formation of behavior of an individual. According to one psychologist Robert J. Harigust, one of the tasks of adolescence is an important task should be perhatiann is forming a new, more mature relationships with friends - friends of the same age, regardless of sex. This shows that they do not really like hanging out in person, but they hang out in groups. Besides, the interaction of a teenager with friends is more open because members of these groups have the same interests and favorites. Meanwhile, when a teenager is thinking friends - friends of the same interests, then their relationship became closer.
Meanwhile, the influence of mass media has also become a factor in the formation of attitudes among teens hang out. According to Mohd Salleh (1999), the influence of mass media, especially television sometimes - sometimes can have an adverse impact on the formation of peridabi teenagers, especially hanging out activities. Stories - stories of crime series, a family drama and design - Other design increasingly embraces the Western culture. Release oriented western culture emphasizes thinking - thinking that a negative impact among adolescents. Negative thoughts that separate religion from daily life to influence youth activities those are not beneficial. In addition, the television broadcast of a negative nature to destroy the culture of high thinking and values - values which individuals have difficulty in finding meaning and construction of all aspects and activities of life.
Measures - measures that could be taken to overcome this problem. In our opinion, the first step to be taken is through religious teachings. Through religious instruction would be to correct the perspective of a person and a human mind. Every religion teaches them how to not spend time with the activities of illegal or contrary to the religion and culture. In addition, the relationship with their parents can be rehabilitated and daat produce a good and healthy family.
The second step is the role of parents. It is very important to give serious attention to the child - their child. Parents must pay attention to all the movements or the movement of the child - their child. Parents should always know and identify the problems faced by their children and are willing to take time to resolve the issue. Parents should also know a friend - a friend of their children and always make sure that their friends and hang out with people who have moral standing. In addition, increase appreciation of the value - values, motivation, training children how to be polite, the principle - the principle of accountability, fulfilled the promise, trust, willing to accept our weaknesses and explore its potential. Parents should be role model to children. Parenting is a pattern of care and the role parents must work in the shows, membimbang, educate and menggerakkkan individuals residing in these institutions. Parents have the responsibility to give religious instruction to children. This duty must be done with examples and everyday practice. Law - legal and religious rules of life must be taught to children before they reach puberty, especially in the matter - the matter of sexuality. According to Kaplan (1975) culture is associated with psychopathology hang of personality problems, mental and emotional disorders.

The next step to be taken is the academic approach. This can be done by adding activities - based activities such as academic and quasi-academic co-curricular activities at school. Similarly, the change - change techniques - techniques such as computer use, video, audio-visual aid equipment and techniques outside the classroom. In addition, the legal system in schools is important because the provisions of law - the law is more stringent at the school level can reduce the burden and responsibility and the supervision of parents in the discipline. Enforcement of laws - laws that are more in schools can reduce the burden and responsibility of the school and the parents in the supervision of the discipline. Law enforcement - at the law school is by the authorities like the police. Areas of existing police powers should be used by school administrators in disciplining students. The administrator should take the opportunity to refer this matter to the police students.

It is very important not only fought by individuals and families but also for a nation and an independent state to be more dignified, sovereign and dignified. Overall, the cultural phenomenon that hangs from the social problems of concern to all parties. It is important to get the benefits of living in harmony and peace as we progress. Each age group should avoid the practice of hanging out with nowhere to go for the time available to utilize the best


The issue of teenage runaways hot issue at present. This situation is clearly exposed through the media release is at issue is their main news. The involvement of our youth in activities away from home to give a blow to all communities and a question mark on the development of the country. This resulted in Malaysia through a more widespread social turmoil. Our youth involvement in commercial sex activities, hang out, dead juveniles, runaways and drug penangihan give a blow to all communities and a question mark on the development and modernization is achieved. Social problems are discussed in great anywhere in the world is now more powerful and discussed from time to time in the nation. Problem youth fled the house into a symptom that is so hard to be contained but was prevalent among school students. Various theories or give their views on the emergence of this crisis in our society.A total of 6270 cases recorded since 2004 until May this year. The most startling statistic in accordance with the loss of Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is the case in accordance with boyfriend menbabitkan girls as early as age 10, while the age of 14 and 17 years were most affected, namely 4097. This development should membimbanglkan because of age is still raw, high-risk groups actually involved in violent crime victims, raped, prostituted, or killed. This is because, of 3.246 missing persons cases in the past year, 71 were found dead., As well as in 2005 when 71 of 4.103 missing persons were found dead, denagn five confirmed killed.
Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation Department in Bukit Aman, Datuk Acrll Sani Abdullah Sani, has stated that the total number of teen missing since January 2004 to May this year, 4237, or 67.5 percent had gone home. However, the remaining total of 2033 Lago could not be detected, and this is very worrying because they feared social problems involved, raped, assaulted or found dead.
Adolescents are a man, aged 12 to 21 years the environment will play a critical nature through an impassioned and assume all the action right, about listening to the advice of others, and like to try something new. In scaling this age group is considered his actions were correct and no one should be prohibited. Teenage life today is full of challenges to progress and modernity so that they now live in freedom. Freedom of teenagers is now no longer confined to the prevailing variety of social problems among the so-called youth.

Teens that run away from home are a teenager who left home without the consent of the parents go to a place not usually known by his family. The words of a more mature and experienced, parents, teachers, relatives or ignored. They are not afraid to leave home because a lot of places that can be occupied as the home of friends or work THEY believed employers would provide shelter. With the confidence that all is not all true, they would feel safe living away from home. Loose on the grounds that they do not feel guilty leaving the house, memgewakan parents, and thus waive future. They do not mind whether to cry or mourn mother, my father was disappointed and angry. Importantly, they are free.

There are many causes that led to the problem. Among them are affected rakansebaya. It can be divided into two equal flow iatu friends or boyfriends. Most influenced by friend’s lelaki.merekamerka banned, they will decide to run away from home. Friends leleki they are well positioned in terms of physical, stylish branded clothing, interesting and car berketampilan mewah.pemuda budinya we do not know, typically adolescent capture beautiful words, apart from giving gifts. Adolescent girls who have never enjoyed the luxury to be easily trapped denagn persuasion persuasion can be thrilling sense of pliers. They promised an interesting job and a lucrative salary, the opportunity to travel and live in mansions.

The second factor was a peer of the same stream. Most students come from ending the behavior-their close friend. Insistence and support of peers also play an important role in the case of the children ran away from home. They are easier to imitate, shipped and friends affected denagn sebaya.remaja more tired to continue their education because of the inability of the brain receive a lesson, because they often do not understand the teacher and sometimes won’t shame if scolded, they act to play truant. If they are skipping school to spend time with other friends. Even their peers to fill a large part of their lives. In this situation, they are willing to do anything for the sake of their friends and family left solely to meet the requirements of partners. If they like berfiya peer-loving but also they are quite easy to step out with her without thinking of the good and bad. Friends who often came home late to influence others to also come home late.

Likewise, if her best friend runs away from home they will follow. Thus, they will feel good and no longer want to go home to their parents. There are also a handful of those daridapa start working and start living barudengan self-employed. The advice given by their peers are not mature and rational when they are teenager’s maluahkan problem. This occurs because the peer itself is not mature enough and experienced in dealing with current problems kehidupa this challenging. Indeed, friends who also write advice that will lead the youth to take action to run away from home. The most frustrating when there are girls involved with the symptoms of running away from home.

In addition, teenage runaways occur due keretakkan home built a long time. When there pertingkahan and fights between parents cause their children to feel bored. Hostilities between parents who divorce also brings are the main cause of cases of runaway’s ramaja. If the parent ignores the responsibility for keeping their children will lead the children will feel themselves isolated.

In addition, adolescents who run away from home often pressure parents to use the grounds as the main cause of them does this heinous act. Parental pressure is associated with the failure of parents to understand the personal needs of adolescents are so urgent. Parents often blame the child or are not appropriate to give love to the youth. In addition, parents are too busy pursuing material wealth and luxury. Consequently, interaction and communication among family became estranged and neglected children. As a result, children who are addicted to love experiencing frustrations and stress. If this situation continues, the children began to hate their parents and families, and often acts left their families trying to find entertainment and relaxation outdoors. If the action away from home can give you peace of animal happiness in them so they could do. This group is willing to do anything to achieve kabahagian in their lives. Thus, the failure of parents to play their role as the key driver escaped adolescence.

Some families have a household size that is too small. This cause the house they were too narrow. Sometimes the boys had to sleep in the living room. Other rooms occupied by the parents and daughter. Eventually boredom arises in their hearts. They will find another home can provide comfort to them. Finally, if there are colleagues who took the action away from home for stay at home more comfortable but they will follow.

This problem is also associated with adolescents' personality itself. Many teenagers who do not have a strong and positive attitude when faced with a problem that hit them. Teenagers are so easily felt or feel sensitive when reprimanded by their parents so willing to flee. Most teenagers today do not have endurance. In fact, they have emotions yanh fragile. Care is not comprehensive adolescent personality menyebabkab not so sound and stable. They are easily influenced and not able to assess a keadaan.mereka tudak also can handle rintagan-resistance in their lives. Hence they often acted in haste in the face of problems and one of the main solutions is to run away from home. Clearly, this situation proves that this problem is also determined by the attitude of the youth of this age should be more robust and resilient.

Other causes of this phenomenon are the lack of religious beliefs among the people involved. Education and religion are so barren among teenagers also cause them so vulnerable to escape from the bladder. For this reason, despite only seven years old child has been taught to be religious and read the Quran. But because parents are busy with careers and have difficulty menghantat and took the child in school. Actually, religion is studied, and if practiced in the liver and can be a fortress seseornag dijiwa from doing something bad. Religion plays an important role in educating and teaching the human person is to be useful. Religion, particularly Islam, forbids its followers to reject and abandon their parents arbitrary.

 Instead one is to ignore the teachings of Islam make them more vulnerable to outside influences that are stuck to the problem of runaways. Some parents who have no religious beliefs fail to teach children to obey their religious teachings. What is happening now, never mind about religious education, parents are not setting a good example to their children. Parents should ensure children prayed and fasted for example, it would not be followed if the child if the mother or the father who did it. Here, parents should come forward and play a role as a good example for their children. Busy parents who are too busy chasing money and luxuries of life is certainly no time to mebina membentuksahsiah and self-esteem and children who need care and love. That is why they are so easy to leave their families when facing problems.

In addition, the influences of mass media also play an important role. Mass media like television, newspapers, and magazines often publish news from the West to show the youth the damaged character. If not the news from the west, the display of local artists who dress manjolok enough points menbuatkan pembacayang of young people think about negative things yamh. Diburukan situation again with the view of the internet. There was a wide view of information and anything else you want to achieve just press the button on the keyboard. For the young lovers from the West to live together without marriage is not an error. Even the act of running away from home, especially the western artist also is common. Teenagers who like to emulate would do things that they're watching television without any doubt. Ramaja also unable to distinguish reality and lakonanyang different. Because readable materials always show the negative elements are not aware of all the action is often in conflict with local cultural values. Thus, the mass media also factors that can cause teenagers desire to run away from home.

In addition, community attitudes also lead to teenage runaways. If used, especially when the children of virgin village community disorderly behavior will be reprimanded or make a complaint directly to their parents. Now this may no longer be said, not only in big towns, villages and even in villages. This stems from a busy career to concentrate on the problem so next door neighbor who knows nothing. Negative attitudes seem to provide a space for teenagers to do what felt right, but actually in contravention of the value of life.
These symptoms can be addressed if all parties take the initiative in earnest. Among them are the parents should ensure their children's association for melanpaui no bounds. If their children's friends are bercuriga, wise parents should advise their children to keep away from these peers.

In addition, parents should also improve the understanding of religious practices. This is because when the whole family loyal to the religious order, they are afraid to make mistakes and crimes. It is unlawful for any treatment that would be a sin religion. Thus, children who are educated in religious doctrine would be menhindari themselves from such an act.

The authorities, especially the police may arrest the youth who ran away from home. If there are parents who membuata dibalai police complaint. They should finish and look for information to address this problem I immediately. Action delay will increase the standoff to solve this problem. The action felt caught and sentenced to solve this problem well.

Therefore, the symptoms of teenage runaways can be contained if all parties play their respective roles. The attitude of blaming others deemed a failure menanganimasalah orng this. With this problem solved ini9, gajala will not be widespread among teens today.

This crisis is also associated with adolescents' personality itself. Many teenagers who do not have a strong and positive attitude when faced with an m Asalah that hit them. Teenagers are so easily felt or feel sensitive when reprimanded by their parents to flee. Clearly, this situation proves that this problem is also determined by the attitude of adolescents of this age should be more robust and resilient.

 For my opinion on this issue, today's teens need to think before they do something like run away from home. And also frustrating for the parents who sacrificed much to raise us. As a mother and teacher, this phenomenon is very horrifying. Various operations and methods have been done but the problem is. We are able to monitor the government's plans huburan widespread on television, especially Astro. Promiscuity, excessive entertainment dijiwa grown children are still small, the freedom to choose to make children think checkers is so brave enough to do something unexpected. I strongly disagree on some television show hosted by seorng selebiriti known, although there is also a plus to build a brave soul to a child, but if the minor has been accustomed to the character of adults, excessive entertainment. Cbayangkan when they set foot into middle school. Ending first-come, if at large a little worried they will not consult their parents or teachers because they feel they are mature thinking.

In addition, if you do not insist on certain television is controlled by the children in primary schools to watch their favorite programs. In recent years, many published reports about the involvement of adolescent symptoms penangihan drugs, rape, theft, school gangsters, illegal racing, hang out and ran away from home. Just as youth involvement in the murder of school friends and a baby menbuan result of illegal connection. In a troubled teenager looking for the base trees iti, a fact we must menerim teens today face various risks, such as rape, unlucky, suicide, and many more.

According to parents who pay scant regard to their children lead their children into the wild. In fact, in the busy parents to focus on careers, children are given less attention. If this becomes the basis of teenage runaways, of course, thousands of other teenagers to leave home every day right. It can be said for the average parent now concentrates on his career so children feel neglected. If only reason parents are not providing enough attention, not because the child wants to run away from home. Children know their parents work for a living and provide the best for their future.

Outside world and the strong attraction of the influence of western culture has become the source of this problem. Youth of today are often influenced by the ideas of freedom and indivilualistik. Even a fully independent lifestyle kesoronokan become an idol for many teenagers. When their parents try to inculcate-Niali nialai good and admirable, the children assume their parents try to restrain their freedom. jikan this situation persists, the children no longer hesitate to leave their rumahm. They ran away from home because there are factors outside the home that has been available for us.

Teenagers hope the nation and country. Family became the most important platform in the shape adolescent personality. Thus, the social shortcomings, particularly in proper teen kalngan referred to the family and social system as a whole.

In conclusion, gajala teens ran from the house was to be arrested immediately for the future of our youth are increasingly dim world of modernity swallowed. All parties, especially the community must play a role in addressing this problem tersandiri. Maybe we should blame them before we blame the teenager in this case.

According to one study there are several reasons teenagers run away from home. Among them are:
• The relationship of husband and wife are not thinking about parenthood
• Use language that is not correct
• Less gentle with children
• Fiscal errors children
• Frequent mistakes nag kids
• The same advice received by the children
• There is communication gap between parents and children
• No time with children jokes
• Default promise to children
• Ignoring hygiene place and personal appearance
• No guidance eating and drinking etiquette
• Allowing the children of non-halal food
• No diversification meals for children